Thoughts on the Constitutions - 2

“The specific goal of our missionary Congregation is the apostolate "to all those still far off whom the Lord our God calls. We involve ourselves primarily where the Church is either not yet or no longer fully alive.”


Letter from Rome 03/2014

Dear Confreres, with this third Letter from Rome we want to share with you the important events that took place in the month of May, and about the life of our congregation and our confreres:


Thoughts on the Constitutions - 8

”The model of this consecration to God is Jesus Christ.  He lived a life of poverty and chastity; and by his obedience unto death on the cross he surrendered himself entirely to the will of his Father.“



“Jesus, Mary, Joseph, give us the humility of your hidden life. That, penetrated like you by the greatness of God, we may give to him all the glory that he deserves for the gifts he gave us, not attributing any merit to ourselves.” - Fr. Jean Berthier (CI : 259)

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