Happy Easter-2014!

The Risen Lord may give us the joy of being redeemed through his love on the cross.

He conquered death and has given us hope that we, who live in him and through him, will be with him in all eternity.

May the feast of the resurrection of Jesus Christ fill our hearts with a joy that will never come to an end and may give us a hope that will not die and a love that is stronger than death.

Happy Easter!

Fr. Edmund Jan Michalski
General Superior of the Missionaries of the Holy Family

gobierno generale 2014

Letter from Rome 01/2014

A través de esta Carta, queremos ofrecer desde Roma a todos los MSF información acerca de lo que ha ocurrido después de la terminación del XIII Capítulo General. En primer lugar, presentaremos a los miembros del Nuevo Gobierno General MSF, aunque algunos de vosotros ya los conocéis: III. As. P. Patrice Ralaivao, II. As. P. Julio Cesar Werlang, Superiore Generale P. Edmund Jan Michalski, I. As. e Vic. Gen. P. Agustinus Purnama, IV. As. P. Bogdan Mikutra


Latin American Meeting_Montes Claros_2014

Latin America: Ongoing Formation

From 20th to 25th January 2014 in Montes Claros, East Brazil was held a meeting of the Missionaries of the Holy Family in Latin America under the title: The challenges of being the Missionaries of the Holy Family today . This meeting was attended by 40 confreres of all the provinces in Latin America: Argentina, North Brazil, East Brazil, South Brazil, Chile and Bolivia; and also from Spain. There were all six provincials. From the Generalate House was  present the General Superior– Fr. Edmund Jan Michalski MSF and the General Assistant Fr. Julio Cesar Werlang MSF. The meeting was well prepared, with a detailed program. It was also planned and organized a trip to San Francisco where they celebrated a solemn Mass in the parish served by the Missionaries of the Holy Family.



“Jesus, Mary, Joseph, give us the humility of your hidden life. That, penetrated like you by the greatness of God, we may give to him all the glory that he deserves for the gifts he gave us, not attributing any merit to ourselves.” - Fr. Jean Berthier (CI : 259)

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